Make Your Own Wallpaper

Make Your Own Wallpaper
Make Your Own Wallpaper
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  Creating Your Own Wallpapers are one form of creativity we are, where we would feel alone make a wallpaper with self, through the program or application program on a computer

 Among these are Paint, Photoscape, Adobe Photoshop, and many of his other photo editing software that we can use to create their own wallpapers, and therefore the admin here will share an easy way to create their own wallpapers with various existing photo editing software on a computer.

But because if you make a wallpaper with the software on the computer is very difficult, and therefore the admin will share the easiest way, that is by making their own wallpapers online.

This is step by step how to create their own wallpapers with ease:

1. Visit this site !

2 . Upon It would appear the front page , click next step "create your wallpaper"

Make Your Own Wallpaper

3. Then will pop up a page like this , Background uploads or photo you want to create a wallpaper with a click Next steps to upload an image !

Make Your Own Wallpaper

4. The fourth step , locate and select the image file to be used as background wallpaper to be made, Click Open, then click Upload and go to next step ! see the picture below.

5. In this section please remove your creativity to create wallpapers are very nice and interesting. select a unique image and then click Build your walpaper. !

walpaper cool

 6. When finished, simply kept wallpaper that had been made​​, by clicking the Get this wallpaper, but before his first wallpaper of its frontage on the column title (fill in the name as desired) tag (the contents of the tag, for example: scenery)

make own wallpaper
the last step if you want to save on your computer, right click on the image, select save as images. !
walpaper scenery

Ok, that's a step by step how to create their own wallpapers, may be useful for all of us who are learning to make their own wallpapers, see you in the next post. Thank you. 

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