How To Make Money From Internet

How To Make Money From Internet
 Growth in number of Internet users in the world today is experiencing a rapid increase, and this directly gives the opportunity for many people to earn money from the internet. If we look, online business has become one of the most promising business opportunities at this time. How not, some online businesses that I know could have a monthly income by the number that makes me "oh my god".

   Probably most of us would be tempted to want to start their own online business, but they do not yet know how to earn money from the internet. If you are an internet marketer (online marketers) who is an expert, perhaps to make money from the internet is not something difficult. However, a different story if you are a beginner (newbie) in the world of online marketing. Instead of getting money, how aja still confused, to start it from where.

  Well, I will discuss some type of online business that can provide income to you. Some of which I discuss this based on my experience, and some others based on the experience of my friends who also works as an online entrepreneur. here's how to earn money from the internet:

1. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer   

  Affiliate marketers are people who sell other people's products and earn a percentage commission ( depending on the product owner ) of each sale it does. This kind of business is done by a lot of online businesses, both abroad and within the country.

  Products sold by affiliate marketers is very diverse , ranging from digital products, to products in physical form, or even a combination of both. Affiliate programs that I follow is the affiliate program from and is a place that provides products in digital form, such as ebooks, software, and also membership. The affiliate program is also very much preferred by internet marketers around the world because the commission rate is very large, even some product owners are willing to give up to 75 % commission of the product price to the publisher. is the largest online retailer in the world , where most of the products are in physical form . Categories of products that are sold in this online store are numerous, ranging from cheap to very expensive, ranging from small to large. For example books, digital cameras, fridge, TV, air conditionin, chairs, tables, toiletries, kitchen utensils. provides an opportunity for all owners of websites or blogs around the world to earn money from affiliate programs they provide. The amount of the commissions earned by the publisher Amazon is about 4 % - 8 % of total sales, and depending on how much the publisher is selling products from More and more products are sold, the higher the percentage of commissions paid.

2. Shop Online   
   The online store is a virtual store where customers can buy products that are sold in the online store directly from the website. Today there are many businesses that already have their own online store, whether it sells its own products or sell other people's products or dropship reseller system.

   Many people who never run a business online by opening an online store where she sells other people's products dropshiping manner. he opened the online store and display the products are sold online, if there are customers who bought and had to transfer to her account then he will contact suppliers.

   Disadvantages dropship business is when the items to be purchased by the customer was not there then the transaction will not occur. That is why we must work with suppliers who are competent , and trustworthy. It will work more and spend quite a lot of time, ranging from the provision of goods, packing, to delivery. It was back to business actors, which is the most suitable done.

3. Through the Ads on Blog or Website   
    As you can see on this blog or on some other blogs you've visited, advertising space on your blog / website is one effective way to earn money online. most of their blogs or websites listed in the Google Adsense program, namely advertising program owned by Google where publishers can earn revenue from Google Adsense ad clicks that exist in their blogs.

   This program is called with PPC ( Pay Per Click ), the publisher will get paid every click made by visitors ( visitors ) a website or blog , where the cost per click has been determined in advance by the Advertiser ( advertisers ) . Besides Google Adsense, there are many other companies that offer an opportunity for publishers to earn revenue from their sites. Some online companies that offer Advertising other similar programs is,,

   In addition to the PPC program, to earn money from a website can be a way to provide advertising space on the site. Usually pretty much Advertiser is interested to advertise on a blog when the blog has content on specific topics and visitornya enough. This ad space price is determined by the blog owner or it could be based on negotiations between the Advertiser and the owner of the blog.

   Maybe you 've never heard of a publisher with a fantastic income, there is even a publisher who can earn hundreds of millions to billions of dollars per month from their blogs. You interested ? Wait a minute, all it takes hard work and it took a long time.

    Actually there are quite a lot that can be done to earn money from the internet. But that does not mean we have to do everything to be able to get the desired results. Should select one or two types of online businesses that are fit and able you do, do it seriously, and you will see results. 

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