How To Make Tea

How To Make Tea

   welcome to the blog easy-howtomake, in this article the admin will share how to make tea, and also the process of making tea and tea for health benefits, if you are looking for articles on how to make tea, please read this article.
   Tea is a beverage that contains caffeine, an infusion is made ​​by brewing the leaves, leaf buds, dried leaves or stems of the plant Camellia sinensis in hot water.  
How To Make Tea
  1. 1 cup fruit
  2. 1 piece spoon
  3. 1 piece teabag
  4. Sugar to taste   
  5. 500ml liters of warm water
how to make:
  1. input water into a glass that has been provided
  2. Input of sugar
  3. Input of tea
  4. then dip-dye-right tea, until the results of a reddish color.
  5. then stir with a tea-spoon, until the sugar dissolves.
  6. After finishing the tea ready on serve. 

Tea Making Process
Tea Making Process    
The process of making tea is a method that is applied to the shootstea leaves ( Camellia sinensis ) and has several stages, such asdrying up brewing tea. The types of tea are distinguished byprocess of making the tea itself or processing are skipped. processTea -making is most often done is the process of making teawhich involves the oxidation of the leaf, termination oksidaasi, formation and drying tea. From the tea -making process, the degree ofoxidation has an important role in determining the taste of tea. Plucked tea leaves that have been entered into the factory and processed immediately.

  processing of fresh tea leaves brewed into tea prepared essentiallythrough the stages of withering, milling, and drying. However, in each of the tea processing plant has a different process flowtailored to the type of machine they own. The process of making teaincludes the following steps.

1. Stage Withering   

   Fresh tea leaves that have been learned through the withering stage. at the stageThis, tea leaves withered by warming that water levelscontained reduced 65-70 percent. Heating is done withcirculate the hot air. This is done so that the tea leaves can be groundproperly.

 2. Stage Milling   
   Furthermore, withered tea leaves that have been entered on the stagemilling. At this stage , the tea leaves are milled to break down the cellsleaves. Solving the tea leaves adapted to the needs or demandsmarket. No tea leaves are coarsely ground and there are ground upinto powder.

3. Stage Oxidation  

 Tea leaves that have been milled or stored in a special room whereclean and odor-free . At this stage, the tea leaves are left to experienceoxidation. Enzymes in the tea will work and form the color, flavor, andaroma of tea.

4. Stage Drying
   Subsequently dried tea leaves. Drying the tea leaves using machines so that the resulting temperature stable and produce quality tea better. The tea leaves are dried until the moisture content in tea leaves reach 2-3 percent.
5. Stage Packaging   

   Furthermore, packaged dried tea. Before a packed, sorting is done so that the tea can be packaged according to market demand.

Regarding Benefits of Tea Leaves

    Tea contains amino acids, polyphenols, and caffeine. Amino acids serveimprove immune ( immunity ) of the body. Polyphenols function asantioxidants. The content of polyphenols in tea is much more than vegetables .Tea also contains caffeine, but lower levels than coffee. Tea consumption may reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension, symptoms of heart disease, and can be slimming.

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